Intermodal Freight

Seamless Ramp-to-Ramp Intermodal Freight Services for Canada and the US

Intermodal transportation is the process of integrating rail and truck services to move products to market cost-efficiently. It utilizes the rail network to transport cargo that would have otherwise moved via tractor-trailer.

Logistics Freight Management’s (LFM’s) large network of carriers in Canada and the United States will help you reach all your important markets without affecting the quality of service.

The benefits of intermodal freight services:

  • It’s an excellent alternative to a shortage of over the road capacity
  • You can reduce expenses while keeping your supply chain moving without any unnecessary delays
  • It’s an environmentally-friendly way to ship your freight
  • If you’re looking to reduce transportation costs and your cargo is flexible with time this is a good alternative for you.

Specialized equipment, experienced carriers and a dedicated logistics team helps us ensure that your intermodal cargo reaches its final destination on time and without any damage. We also employ cutting-edge technology to track your shipments throughout their journey so that there are no delays or missed deliveries.

Whether you’re looking to change your logistics services or simply switch to a more cost-efficient way of managing your enterprise, Logistics Freight Management can help optimize your business savings. Use our intermodal services to lower your freight transportation costs.

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Why Choose LFM’s Intermodal Freight Service?

By integrating trucking and rail services, Logistics Freight Management gives our customers a double advantage—the transit efficiency of trucks and the significant cost-savings of shipping by rail.

  • Having vast and varied intermodal connections enables us to match networks to your requirements.
  • We have top-of-the-line, specialized equipment to get your consignments to their destination on time and in perfect condition.
  • A large capacity enables us to meet diverse needs with efficiency and cost savings.
  • Over a decade of experience with cross-border shipments translates to smooth pickups and deliveries.
  • Complete ramp-to-ramp service helps take care of everything in between from food grade containers to local drayage and final delivery.

At Logistics Freight Management, we understand that providing top quality service and personalized attention with added value will result in the success of every shipment. Take advantage of dedicated intermodal freight services with 24/7 coverage to increase your business savings.

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Your fast and efficient logistics services have enhanced our business reputation significantly. We don’t have to worry about delayed, damaged or missed deliveries anymore.

~Robert Bruce

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